Quick reference guide for overwhelmed academics who need to write a book for tenure…

Your Academic Book Publication Timeline:
A step-by-step timeline for taking your book from proposal to publication,
without letting fear trip you up.

Want to go from frozen in the face of this HUGE task…

To confidently tackling your project, one chapter at a time?

Follow the steps I share inside this free academic book publication timeline and you will:

  • Ensure you give yourself enough time to write, edit and get your book published BEFORE you have to hand it over to your T&P committee.

  • Breathe a sigh of relief & feel your fear subside when you realize:
    You know what’s next and what you need to have done at every stage.

  • Understand how much time you need to set aside to work on your book project so that you can proactively budget your time—including the activities most academic authors forget to include in their writing plans.